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Top 10 Security Advisory Firms - 2022

Increasing cyberattacks, data breaches across various enterprises, and the growing adoption of cloud-based services to optimize industrial digitalization are significantly driving the security advisory services market.

Security advisory services allow businesses to meet and deploy security risk management policies and ensure incident response to protect the data and critical information according to industry regulations and mandates. With its offering from penetration testing and vulnerability management to compliance management, security advisory services help companies meet and deploy security policies to stay secure from increasing fraudulent activities across the sectors—be it banking, financial services and insurance, IT & telecommunication, healthcare, energy and power, manufacturing or government and public sectors.

Apart from increasing cyber-attacks and theft of confidential data, the growth of confidential organizational data and trends in mobile devices has accelerated the need to adopt security advisory services. The increasing use of cloud technologies over the year has also spiked the demand for more reliable and cost-effective security solutions, further driving the market growth of security advisory services.

Most organizations lose revenue during an attack due to the non-availability of services at critical times. Effective advisory services not only support security teams to analyze their program or uncover the insight they need to improve their security postures but move with purpose. They can help companies prioritize security initiatives through robust programs and align those with their business strategies to get it all done yesterday.

Covering strategic elements like risk management programs and board reporting and tactical elements like implementing information security management systems and architecting enterprise IT, cloud, applications, or OT environment security improves cyber resilience and minimizes business exposure to breaches.

The security advisory service market will grow dramatically with the increasing need for closing short-term resource gaps, creating remediation plans, and improving security operations and incident response capabilities. Needless to say, the trend to measure cyber program maturity by benchmarking an organization’s capabilities across modern cybersecurity control models will soon become common across enterprises.

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    Top Security Advisory Firms

  • QED National is a long-standing and trusted IT advisor to both public and private sectors, QED National serves a spectrum of State, Local, Federal, and Fortune 500 customers. It is an industry leader in offering cyber/information security, IT staff augmentation, IT management consulting, and technology product solutions.

  • Radius Advisory Group, a management consultancy that focuses on securing data and building security conscious organizational cultures, enables rapid, accurate decision support. We utilize advanced analytic tools,methods, and deep subject matter expertise. RadiusAG advocates for a predictive cybersecurity posture as a foundational resilience attribute, aligned to business and operational objectives.



    The Chrysallis.AI Metaversity is a revolutionary SaaS AI learning management system with advanced real-time behavior analytics and AR/VR for a fun, interactive learning experience. Chrysallis.AI is dedicated to improving student’s learning experience through interactive intuitive labs and assignments that grow with child or adult learner and are tailored to each individual student’s learning pace



    Coalfire is the cybersecurity advisor that helps private and public sector organizations avert threats, close gaps, and effectively manage risk. By providing independent and tailored advice, assessments, technical testing, and cyber engineering services, we help clients develop scalable programs that improve their security posture, achieve their business objectives, and fuel their continued success

  • ePlus


    From Cloud and Data Center, Security, Collaboration, Networking and AI to Digital Transformation, Managed and Professional Services or Financing, ePlus bring a vast perspective that helps organizations design, orchestrate and seamlessly implement versatile technology solutions. Its unparalleled expertise has been refined over more than three decades, allowing customers to maximize the return on their technology investments

  • Novacoast


    Novacoast is an IT Professional Services and Product Development company. We offer organizations our technological experience so they can manage their business and make informed decisions and avoid costly IT mistakes. It has a unique breadth of expertise that allows to work in wider terms than products and to approach challenges from the perspective of business goals

  • okta


    Organizations around the globe rely on Rapid7 technology, services, and research to securely advance. The visibility, analytics, and automation delivered through its Insight cloud simplifies the complex and helps security teams reduce vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate and shut down attacks, and automate routine tasks

  • Sentinel Resource Group

    Sentinel Resource Group

    SRG specializes in helping multinational companies clarify their security risks to better protect their people, workplaces, and assets. SRG is entrusted to advise several of the most iconic brands and people in the world. They’ve developed an innovative approach, and bring a cross-disciplinary team of experts to help companies clarify risks and better protect their people, workplaces, and assets

  • Tyler Cybersecurity

    Tyler Cybersecurity

    Tyler Technologies (NYSE: TYL) provides integrated software and technology services to the public sector. Tyler’s end-to-end solutions empower local, state, and federal government entities to operate more efficiently and connect more transparently with their constituents and with each other. By connecting data and processes across disparate systems, Tyler’s solutions are transforming how clients gain actionable insights that solve problems in their communities

  • Viollis Group International

    Viollis Group International

    Viollis Group International is a global consultancy centered on validating the integrity and eradicating challenging situations, expeditiously. Through a cadre of uniquely trained professionals possessing distinctive skills, its ability to deliver generally unavailable information and challenging solutions to a wide range of matters is both proven and reliable. Regardless of the client demographic, it solutions are reflected in peace of mind

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